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Course Description:

B.Sc. in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science is a three-year undergraduate program with equal movement for the basic sciences and their application in information technology.

Why this Course?

B.Sc. MPCS is a very good group and it is the best of all the courses. Mpcs you will get more opportunities for further studies.

By the end of the course, students develop problem solving skills and learn various principles that aid in the development of analytical methods and models used to solve different real-life issues. Students are now studying standard methods to solve algebraic, transcendental equations, differential and integral equations that are applicable in many disciplines. In basic physics, the students will reach a sound standard and build a stable platform for research project and higher studies. The students must develop competencies in physics for problem-solving, experimental and data analysis. They learn various concepts that allow them to understand laws of physics in nature. Students must also develop expertise in reporting and toll presentation. The students should be able to identify the organization's database function and apply it to the problems of the real world and appreciate the significance of the operating systems in computer system development.

Why this Course at Vijetha College?

Vijetha College offers B.Sc. MPCs- Maths, Physics, Computer Science Course for a duration of three years with well supported by a very dedicated and talented staff of lecturers.

Mathematics Physics Computer Science (Mpcs)

Mathematics is one of the most inspiring of any scholarly order, the most incredible of all expressions, and the most analysing of competitions. The investigation of science is not just energizing, however significant it may be. Mathematicians have an opportunity to make an enduring commitment to society by serving to address issues in a variety of fields, such as medicine, management, and economics. Government, Computer Science, Physics, Psychology, Engineering, and Stock Market

Perfect Vision of Mathematics

Mathematics students are encouraged to take part in a variety of competitive examinations and extra effort is made by the faculty to ensure that students receive internships.

Several students have been selected for HCU, IISC, ISI, TIFR, INDIAN SCIENCES ACADEMY.

Vijetha degree college organizes numerous State and National Lectures & Seminars to inculcate interest in mathematics and related pure science courses by inviting eminent personalities from across the world.

Career Opportunities: Computer Science and Mathematics graduates offer high-level programming skills and experience to a wide range of computer-related and research-based occupations.

Graduates in mathematics, especially those with a background in statistics and applied mathematics, are able to benefit from a growing job market.

Employment opportunities depending on the fields of expertise are available in a wide variety of regions. These probably include:

  • Banking, Finance, Option Pricing, Investment Management, Stock Market Prediction-Meteorology, Environmental Consulting, Oceanography-Industrial Survey, Survey-Risk Assessment Operations, Statistics, Bio-Informatics- Insurance, Actuary Science and Training.
  • IT, Computer Science-Market Research, University Data Analysis Teaching and Study-Astronomy, Physics, Economics.

Differential Equations and Solid Geometry- Modern Algebra and Real Analysis Linear Algebra and Vector Calculus-Discrete Mathematics

Why computer science?

Computer applications in science degree courses are introduced to make the student understand the importance of information technology in this competitive world with its wide variety of applications to derive solutions to complex real-life problems.

Career Options after B.Sc. degree with MPCS:

Students once completing their B.Sc. degree courses will have bright chances for applying masters in top universities, can qualify for the various competitive examinations and stand ahead in competition in career.


Applicants who have passed the Intermediate Public Examination by the Board of Intermediate Education, Telangana or any other examination recognized as equivalent to MPC with a minimum of aggregate marks prescribed by the university and college shall be eligible for admission to the B.Sc. (M.P. Cs)


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